Established in 1998 as part of the Tata Group, Trent Ltd. operates Westside, one of India's largest and fastest growing chains of retail stores.

Our vision is to design and deliver fashion lifestyle brands, while always keeping it fresh. We are young, agile, risk-takers who love including everyone in this exhilarating journey. With over 200 outlets across Westside, Zudio, Landmark and Star Bazaar -- bringing a modern retail experience to India is our beat.

At Trent we are excited about fashion, food, beauty, home and technology. We are about fast, clean and innovative retail that makes the little things we do seem so stylish yet so effortless. Being part of the TATA fold, our core values echo sustainability, compliance and engaging in mindful business.

About our Brands

WESTSIDE: Our lead fashion brand with over 22 labels all designed in-house, across women’s wear, menswear, kidswear, footwear, lingerie, cosmetic, perfumes, accessories and home furniture.

ZUDIO: Aggressively popping all over India, we bring to the fore irresistible fashion at unmatched prices. We create everything in-house and love cool-spirited people who are trend sussed. We enjoy forming tribes and creating amazing opportunities along the way.

LANDMARK: Inspiring the child in all of us, we are a playground for books, toys, music, lifestyle accessories, technology, sporting goods and more. We collaborate and source around the world and trade our business with innovation.

STAR BAZAAR: Trent ventured into the hypermarket business in 2004 with Star Bazaar. Keeping things forever fresh, our clean and modern formats make daily grocery, food and shopping for your household easy. We are a bunch of foodies and traders who aspire to make everyday shopping a fun experience.

What’s in a name?

We say, almost everything. We are a name that follows Xemplary design processes and Xtraordinarily Xhaustive sourcing practices to curate an Xplosive mix of Xceptionally Xperimental and Xpansive collection of trendy lifestyle products that come together to Xhibit and Xtend Xtravagant Xalting Xperiences to an Xclusive community of young Xuberant customers. We are Landmark Xcite.

Coated with the iconic TATA Trent values of Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence, Pioneering and Unity, we are a bunch of dreamy, witty, fun-loving, happy-high, spirited, soft and light jelly good fellas glued to the purpose of consciously adding excitement and surprise to the mundane making every ordinary moment Instagramable.

At Xcite, fantasies come alive. Our story unfolds 1000 lightyears away from reality into the LANDMARK UNIVERSE. A space where unexpected is the norm. Where cotton candy clouds flow in to blend with iridescent floating waters and pin-wheeled winds play over jelly-like lands. Where stereotypes fail to exist. Where genders, beliefs, colors and races mishmash and joy, happiness, giggles, and fun are sprinkled all around in stash. But unfortunately, only the rare amplified imaginations could feel this magical fantasy. So buckle up if you are the one.

Dive into our ocean of product assortment across lifestyle categories like tech, toys, books, stationery, home, fashion, cosmetics, and candies, all handpicked and tuned to sync up with the young digital natives. Come let’s play to learn and learn to play at our funtastic offline and online stores that offer something exciting for everyone who connects with the vibe of our tribe.