Beat boredom with board games

Beat boredom with board games

When we think of games today, very few of us make an immediate association with board games. Long gone are the days where we would all gather around a square board to roll the dice to get the best odds against each other. Today, most games are played either on the large television screens via dedicated gaming consoles or compact handheld video game systems. As video games have raged in popularity and engulfed most households on the planet, board games have been losing their presence in the present. That being said, they haven’t entirely faded into obscurity, as seen with prominent games like Monopoly which have a special place in the hearts of people both young and old.    

This is especially true in households that are home to family members across two, three, or in some cases four generations! Because the one definitive advantage that board games have over video games is the accessibility. To put it simply, not everyone can play video games with ease as not everybody has prior experience to doing so. Furthermore, video games require a prerequisite level of hand-eye coordination, understanding of gameplay elements, and concentration on the visuals happening on screen - all of which pose a challenge to older adults and the elderly. 

Board games, in most cases, cancel out these entry level requirements associated with video games as they are fairly simple to understand and easy to get into to start playing. This makes it an incredible activity to engage many members of a household at once, including older members. This is especially beneficial during home isolation to stave off boredom and stagnation. Passing time with board games often evokes feelings of joy, fun, and togetherness that are most welcome in these trying times. 

If you haven’t got any board games at home, now is the time to order them online. But before doing so, here are some qualities to look out for before making your purchase:

Is it multiplayer? 

There’s no fun in playing all by yourself! Board games are best enjoyed with company. Even if it’s just a second player, it’s more enjoyable than going solo. Selecting a board game that can accommodate 4 players (or more) is the best way to go. 

Is it engaging? 

Will the game keep you hooked for a long period of time? If not, it’s only going to result in boredom. And there’s no point forcing yourself to sit through a game that you are not having fun with. Engagement is something that can only be determined after playing the game for yourself, so your best bet is to read through reviews before buying the game for yourself. 

Is it easy to learn and get a hang of? 

This is especially important to consider if you have grandparents at home, or if your parents are quite old. They are not going to enjoy a game that is difficult to understand. While more complexity may lead to gratification, simplicity is key to having fun.

Can people of all ages enjoy it?

No one should be left out of the fun! Board games shouldn’t be exclusive to youngsters. Regardless of how old you are, you should be able to enjoy it. This again comes down to the game’s simplicity, and also the number and complexity of elements in the game. 

Does it have replayability? 

Playing a board game shouldn’t be a one time thing which will be put in the wardrobe after playing it once for it to collect dust over the years. It should be stimulating enough that it is still fun to play after playing it a few/ many times before. In short, it should have replay value. 

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