Home decor essentials for your abode

Home decor essentials for your abode

Buying or moving into a new house sparks feelings of excitement that are comparable to almost nothing else. It marks a period in your life when you can finally call a living space your own, and feel the sense of ownership over a place that is truly yours. It also finally gives you the freedom to express aesthetic sense in the form of decor all over. 

What truly makes a house into a home, and one that is personal in every corner, is the way it is done up. The vibrant shades of colour that light up the house, the shape & sizes of furniture throughout, and the other little ornaments that fill up any empty/ negative space. 

There are many different paraphernalia that can add to the aesthetic of a home. The following are some decor elements to turn your living space into a beautiful, homely abode that you will love to spend your time admiring. 

Photo frames 

These have the most obvious use, yet are one of the most essential items to literally put up your favourite memories on the walls of your home. The colour, material, size, and shape of the photo frame can greatly influence the photo you are framing. It also sets precedence for how it will look with other decor elements. Photo frames are one thing that you should invest generously in because these are for preserving the memories that you want to showcase inside your home for yourself to look back on, and for others to discover when you talk about them. 


There are many lush, beautiful, and vibrant plants that exist in the natural world which can easily find a place in our homes. They add a unique sense of aesthetic to our indoors. But what about the planters that house these plants? Sure, plain and ordinary ones do the job. But it’s about doing the job beautifully. This is heavily dependent on the kind of material used, and while there is a debate about ceramic vs terracotta, one thing's for sure - avoid plastic. It looks very ordinary, and is harmful to the environment. 

Storage boxes 

This is an item that we may immediately associate with keeping inside. But it’s not something that has to be hidden away if it looks nice! After all, who doesn’t require boxes/ containers/ tins for storage? If they’ve got nice patterns, vibrant colours, or even interesting shapes, then by all means put it out there! They’ll contribute an interesting visual element to the overall interior decor. 

Ceramic trays 

Not to be confused with ones used on the dining table, these items are on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of expense. But if you are able to purchase these, they are great for adding to a luxury look and feel, especially if you live in a large home. Though usually on the smaller size, they have a large impact in home decor. Some of them are even lined with gold, silver, or jewellery, which takes the royalty to a whole new level. 

Cushion covers 

Even the most plain sofas and chairs can be something nice to look at if it is complemented with cushion covers. This is more so with cushion covers that have patterns, decals, or even small decorative objects attached to it. With many different kinds out there, these are essentially an accessory to already existing furniture decor. 

Marquee lights 

Lights are one of the key elements of any home decor as it holds the power to change the entire mood of the interior based on its colour, brightness, and intensity. This doesn’t just apply to the main lights on the ceiling, but to the smaller ones around. Marquee lights can’t brighten up an entire room, but they are a pleasant sight to see. They are a perfect example of the little things that can prove to be special. 


A home decor is not just about the sights, but the smells as well! Because, what better way to engage your guests (and yourself) than to do so with more than one sense of the human body? Diffusers are a breath of nice smelling fresh air. The pleasant odours emitted from them help immediately immerse oneself in the house, making it truly feel like a home. 

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